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SIC - Qatar Global Factory for Plastic Industries

The Qatar International Plastic Factory is one of the largest factories specialized in the production of PET Preforms from polyethylene terephalate which is used for mineral water. The plant produces preforms with multi uses of all sizes of water bottles.Our product meets customers requirements; all tests fromA to Z implemented in this industry.

PET makes good packages for food and non-food items. Manufacturers like it because it’s safe, strong, transparent and versatile. Customers choose it for its safety, light weight, resealability, shatter-resistance and recyclability.

In addition to our wide range of preforms, QIPF also supplies bottles manufactured to customer specifications. Manufactured in most modern blowing machines, we have bottle sizes ranging from 220 ml to 2 liters. QIPF bottles are available in different neck sizes like 29/25,30/25,38 etc.

Mission & Vision


To relentlessly enhance stock holders value by improving competitive edge through organizational transformation and strategic excellence. Grow profitability by aggressively pursuing business opportunities at National level and be a passionate and accountable to our customer’s expectations. To cater cost effective, superior technologically and top quality products to our customers. Attract and build people for a rewarding and inspiring career by providing challenging environment for working to generate a positive synergy


To be a leader in Plastic industry while providing Quality, Technology & Professional Development to our customers and the market whilst catering for our shareholders at all times. To demonstrate excellent performance at all business levels to become a well-recognized market leader in Plastic Manufacturing Industries. We have nurtured a destination to become world class by adopting best world class practices.

Product Range

Your business can benefit from our broad and varied offering of quality preforms. Search our library of preforms and benefit from our competitive prices. When you've found what you're looking for, simply click Contact Us and we'll quickly send you samples to consider. You can also contact us directly and allow our experts to assist you with your needs. Please feel free to contact us at +974 44411305 to obtain more information.





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